Digital Research Librarian
Reference Services
Media & Reserve Services
Arts & Humanities
Herman B Wells Library 048
(812) 855-8065
Head of Arts & Humanities
Head of Reference Services
Librarian for English & American Literature
and Director, Scholars' Commons
Associate Librarian
Arts & Humanities
Reference Services
Herman B Wells Library E164
(812) 855-1891
Head, Fine Arts Library
Librarian for History of Art, Studio Art, Apparel Merchandising, and Interior Design
Fine Arts Library
Arts & Humanities
Fine Arts Museum 125
(812) 855-5743
Librarian for Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Folklore, Sociology, and Telecommunications
Arts & Humanities
Herman B Wells Library E760
(812) 855-1550
Librarian for Germanic Studies, French & Italian, Philosophy, History & Philosophy of Science, Classical Studies, and Linguistics
Arts & Humanities
Herman B Wells Library E960
(812) 855-1702
Librarian for History and Religious Studies
Arts & Humanities
Herman B Wells Library, West Tower 119K
(812) 855-1336

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Wells Library E1060
Angela Courtney - Head of Arts & Humanities, Head of Reference Services, Librarian for English & American Literature, and Director, Scholars' Commons, Associate Librarian
(812) 855-1891