Borrow Materials Not Owned By IU

You may request copies of articles not owned by the IU Bloomington Libraries, and books not owned by any IU Library be delivered for your use. Use Interlibrary Loan to request these items. 

See policies at Document Delivery Services Borrowing-- FAQ.

Borrowing Privileges at Other Institutions

IUB faculty, staff, and students may be able to borrow materials from other colleges and universities in person.  You will need to get a reciprocal borrower's card before you go to the other library.

The IUB Libraries participate in three reciprocal borrowing programs:

ALI Reciprocal Borrowing Program - Academic Libraries in Indiana
CIC Reciprocal Borrowing Program - Open only to faculty
OCLC Scholars Reciprocal Borrowing Program

Class Reserves

For Students

"Reserves" refers to any print, media, and electronic resources that instructors request to be set aside for student use throughout the duration of a course.

Print and media reserve items are listed in IUCAT and may be located using Instructor Name, Course Number, or Course Name. On the main IUCAT page, click on the link that says "Access Class Reserves." Find it under the words Welcome to our new library catalog.

Class Reserves Circulation Policies & Print Reserve Locations

For Faculty & Instructors

Faculty and instructors may place items on reserve for a class, request required films be made available via streaming media for their courses, and request library-owned media for screening in the classroom or in Wells Library screening rooms.

Information about library services for faculty relating to course materials

Information About Lockers

  • Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis to persons using the Wells Library. 
  • Lockers are for short-term use only.
  • Lockers operate on tokens, which may be purchased at the East Tower circulation desk. 
  • Locker coin boxes do not contain cash.
  • Tokens cost $0.50 each.
  • Items are not to be left in lockers overnight.
  • Lockers have integral locks.  Use of additional/supplemental locks is forbidden.  All personal locks will be cut off and disposed of. 
  • Unless otherwise posted, lockers are cleared daily according to the following schedule:

Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m.

Saturday - 9:00 a.m.

Sunday - 10:00 a.m.

  • Material cleared from lockers will be disposed of or forwarded to Campus lost and found at Ballantine Hall as library staff deem appropriate. 
  • The Library is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen. 
  • Valuables (money, wallets, jewelry, laptops, etc.), perishable food items, and hazardous or illegal items are not to be kept in lockers. 
  • Lockers from which odors appear to be emanating will be cleared immediately, and the contents will be disposed of. 
  • Failure to abide by these regulations may result in loss of locker privileges, and/or referral to IUPD or Dean of Students Office in the appropriate circumstances.
  • Questions about lockers should be referred to Access Services.

Library Cards

All scholars and researchers are welcome to use the resources of the IUB Libraries. Most library material may be checked out; notable exceptions include reference materials and periodicals. Either an IU identification card or a Library Borrowers Card must be presented at the circulation desk to check out material.

  • IUB Faculty, Staff, and Students: Those officially affiliated with IUB may check out library material for home or office use. You may activate your library account by showing proof of IU affiliation (usually your Campus Access card).
  • Indiana Residents: Residents of the state of Indiana may check out library material for home or office use. You may obtain a Library Borrowers Card by bringing a photo ID and proof of Indiana residency (usually an Indiana driver's license or state ID card) to the circulation desk at the Wells Library.
  • Lost or Stolen Cards: Report the loss or theft of a borrowers card as soon as possible to Research Collections Circulation, 812-855-4673.

A borrower is financially responsible for all material charged out on their library account.  The Libraries provide circulation services 52 weeks per year.  Borrowers must abide by Library Circulation Policy even when they are away from campus for vacation, research, sabbatical, etc.  In these situations borrowers must either return library materials before leaving campus or make arrangements for a responsible party to attend to their library business. 


Library Express Workstations

Library Express workstations provide access to IUCAT and to a selected group of journal article databases through the catalog without the necessity to log in.  They provide no access to the Internet. Most of these machines are touch screen kiosks.

Library Express workstations can be found at:

Archives of Traditional Music
Education Library
Herman B Wells Library, Information Commons (West Tower), 3rd floor, near West staircase
Kinsey Institute Library
Law Library
Music Library

Loan Periods, Overdue Fines and Billing

Students, faculty and staff of Indiana University, persons affiliated with Indiana University, residents of the State of Indiana, CIC Scholars, and OCLC Scholars may borrow or check out library materials. Most libraries in the IU Bloomington Library system have the same basic policies for book checkout and renewal.  Individual libraries maintain some special collections.  If you are using one of these specialized libraries, consult their circulation policy descriptions.

Visit My Account for specific information about items checked out to your account.

Loan Periods

  • Faculty : 120 day loan
  • Staff : 120 day loan
  • Graduate Students and Staff : 120 day loan
  • Undergraduate Students : 45 day loan
  • Indiana Residents : 30 day loan. 
  • Wells Library Core Collection Materials: 14 days, maximum of 2 renewals for all borrowers.

Important: The circulation policies vary depending on the type of material and library and some library materials cannot be borrowed. More information on circulation policies, including limited circulation or non-circulating materials

Overdue and Recall Fines

Borrowers are responsible for renewing or returning material on or before its due date. Materials that have reached their renewal limit must be returned on or before their due date. There are no "grace periods" for overdue materials. Overdue intervals vary for recalls, and other special loans.

Overdue fines are $0.25 per item per day from the due date for normal loans. Special charge loans may be granted for non-circulating material and are fined at a rate of $1.20 per hour when overdue. All material is subject to recall if needed by another borrower.

Recalled material that is not returned by the recall due date is subject to a $25 fine. When an item is recalled, a recall notice is sent to the borrower indicating the new "recall" due date.

Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy, failing to receive an overdue notice does not absolve a borrower from responsibility should they receive a bill or fine. Library users are responsible for maintaining accurate address information with the University and its agents (i.e.; the Libraries). For normal loans an overdue notice is sent seven days past the due date and again 30 days past the due date. 

Bills for Unreturned Material

On normal loans the borrower is billed for non-return when the item becomes 50 days overdue.  Non-return charges break down as follows:

  • billing fee - $5.00
  • database adjustment fee - $20
  • unreturned item fee - $100 (can vary with items of greater or lesser value)
  • overdue fine - $12.50

In most cases bills are adjusted to the billing fee and overdue fine ($17.50) when billed material is returned within one calendar year of the date of billing. Billing intervals and rates vary for recalls and special loans. Bills and fines amounts are transferred to the Bursar's Office for collection. Borrowers with excessive overdue material, large outstanding bill/fine balances, or who show contempt for Library policies may be blocked from further use of the Libraries or may face legal action.

My Account (Online Renewal & Account Review)

Use My Account to review a list of materials that you have checked out, renew your library materials, or review and cancel materials on hold. An I.U. network ID and passphrase are necessary.

The network ID and passphrase are those issued by University Information Technology Services on each campus to allow access to email and other password-protected services.

After renewing your materials, be sure to read the renewal confirmation list. It is possible that not all items may be renewed. For example, you may not renew materials if the renewal limit has been met, or items that are on hold for another patron.

You may not renew materials that you have checked out from Interlibrary Loan (ILL) using My Account.

Don't have an IU network ID? Renew outside IUCAT

Office Delivery for Faculty and Graduate Students

How to Have Library Books Delivered to Your Office:

The IUB Libraries are pleased to offer a service for IU Bloomington faculty where we deliver books to campus mail addresses. If you are interested in having books delivered to you, please follow the following steps:

  • Contact the Access Services Department of the Wells Library at or 855-4673 and tell them that you want to set up an account for office campus mail delivery. This service is available only to faculty and graduate students at this time. As we are using campus mail to deliver these items, you must have the ability to receive packages via campus mail in a secure office or mailbox in order to qualify for this service.
  • Request items you would like delivered to your office via IUCAT by clicking the "Request This" button on the detailed record screen. (For general instructions on requesting items from IUCAT, see the KB article, "At IU, how can I get materials from another library using IUCAT?")
    Special notes for Office delivery requests:
    When requesting, select "Office Delivery - [Your Name]" from the "Select Account for Request" drop down.
    You will be prompted to select a library to which you want the item delivered. (Yes, this is a little confusing. The fact that you are logged in as your office is what triggers the item to be delivered). While it does not really matter which library you choose for this to work, we recommend you select the Herman B Wells Library.
  • When the item is received at Wells, it will be mailed to your campus mail address.

Renew Office Delivery Books:  The list of items checked out to you includes those delivered to your office via campus mail separately as part of your office delivery account.  Log in to My Account and scroll down to view them.   If you are using IUCAT Classic, log in as your Office Delivery account to renew them.

Renew Your Office Account Annually: Accounts are set up for one year and must be renewed annually.  Send an email to  Include your IU username and the original office barcode number sent to you via email, if you still have it.

Please note that we are using campus mail to deliver these items. If you need a book quickly, we suggest you log in on your personal account and choose a library where you will be able to pick up the book.

YOU MUST COMPLETE THE REQUEST PROCESS FOR EACH BOOK YOU WANT. It will not work to mark multiple books and then complete the Request Delivery step for one of the books on the list.

Items NOT eligible for Request Delivery include:  electronic books, books checked out to another user for which there is no other copy in the IU system, materials on reserve, in the Lilly or Kinsey Libraries, in the Core Collection at the Wells Library, the Residential Programs & Services Libraries in the residence halls, or in the Reference collection, and most journal bound volumes.  Most DVD's may not be requested due to their short loan lengths.  Request DVD's via interlibrary loan.


A recall is a request to the library to ask another user who has an item checked out to bring it back to the library by a specified date.  Place a recall to get access to a book or other item within a defined time period.  When the item is returned, you will be notified to pick it up.

Submit a recall request for a book for your use


  • If you wish to obtain an item that is checked out to another user (IUCAT shows the item as "checked out"), place a recall as described on this page. See the "Tips" below.
  • If you wish to have an item pulled from the shelf in the library and held for you to pick up, you can use the Request Delivery service within IUCAT. Note that these requests take 4-7 working days to complete, so you may find it quicker to come to the library and locate the item yourself.


  • Media and Reserves Services materials are not eligible for recall.
  • All books charged out are subject to recall for another library user after 10 DAYS of initial use, regardless of the library user status (i.e., faculty, graduate student, undergraduate student, staff, Indiana resident).
  • Before you submit a recall request, you may wish to check the shelves to see if there is another copy available. It may be quicker to use Request Delivery to obtain the item from another IU campus rather than placing a recall request, which may take up to two weeks to fulfill.
  • IUB students, faculty and staff: If the item is held only at Bloomington and our copy is checked out, you may place an Interlibrary Loan request for the item.
  • Be sure to specify the library where you would like to pick up the material when it becomes available.  
  • Provide your full email address (for example, ).  You will receive a copy of your request via email.
  • Your Library Identification Number is the barcode number found on your IU ID card or borrower's card.  It begins with a 2, followed by a zero, and other numbers.
  • The call number of the book is found on the IUCAT record. 
  • WARNING: After submitting your request you must exit the web browser to make sure your personal information is not saved on the computer workstation.



Renew IU Library Materials

You can see a list of materials currently checked out to you and when they are due, and view a list of materials you currently have on hold, by checking "My Account" in IUCAT.

IUB faculty, staff, and students can extend the due date on most IU library materials through the "My Account" feature in IUCAT. You must have an IU network ID and passphrase to use this service.

Reserve materials must be renewed in person at the library where they were checked out.

If you do not have an IU network ID, you may renew materials:

  • on the web
  • by telephone: 812-855-4673
  • by U.S. mail
  • by email:

Include your name, your address, your Library Identification Number (the numbers on the barcode on your borrower's card), and the barcode/identification number of each item you wish to renew. You may ask that all your items be renewed, in which case you do not need to provide barcodes for each item.

Renew Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Materials

Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services must be renewed on the DDS web page.

Renew Outside IUCAT

If you do not have an IU Network account or access to IUCAT, you may renew materials

Include your name, your address, your Library Identification Number (barcode on your borrower's card), and the barcode/identification number of each item you wish to renew.  You may ask that all your items be renewed; it is not necessary to provide barcodes when requesting the library to renew all items you have checked out. 

Request A Purchase

Users may request that the Libraries purchase a book, a journal subscription, access to an electronic resource, or other material for the collection, either in any library or in a specific library. Submit your purchase suggestion using the form linked below.

Recommend Library Materials for Purchase


Request Delivery & ALF Requests (offsite storage)

Request Delivery

Indiana University students, faculty and staff may place requests online for delivery of materials to another library. Materials that are checked out may not be requested. Requests from IU Bloomington campus libraries generally take 2-4 working days to complete. Requests for delivery coming from other IU campuses may take 7-10 working days to complete.

Materials from the IUB Kinsey Library, Lilly Library, CEDIR Library, Archives of Traditional Music Library, University Archives Library, and the Bloomington Residence Halls are excluded. In addition, some materials (i.e. reference books, other non-circulating collections, and short-term loan collections such as DVDs) from other libraries may be excluded.

You may also use Request Delivery to have an item pulled from the shelf and held at the same library for you to pick up, but because requests may take up to 4 working days to complete, you may find it quicker to come to the library and locate the item yourself.

More information about requesting items via IUCAT, the Libraries' online catalog

ALF Requests

Some items in the IUB Libraries' collections are housed in a collections vault at the Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF). Most materials from the ALF may be charged out for home or office use, with the exception of several restricted use collections (see Restricted Use Items in content linked below). Users must present an IU ID card or a Library Borrower's card to charge these materials out. Faculty, students and staff of Indiana University and Indiana residents may request materials to be delivered to the IUB Herman B Wells Library circulation desk or to the circulation desk of an IU Campus Library. The materials housed in the ALF are listed in the library online catalog, IUCAT.

More information about requesting ALF items



In Person: Most materials may be returned at any IU Library. Selected materials such as Interlibrary Loans may require that they be returned in person to the correct circulation desk. Materials should be returned on or before the due date to avoid overdue fines.

By Mail: Most materials may be shipped back to the Library via Campus or Federal mail (postmark date is considered return date) at the following address:

Book Return
Customer and Access Services Department
Herman B Wells Library
1320 East 10th Street
Bloomington, Indiana, 47405-3907  

Borrowers are responsible for material until the Library receives it, and for that reason might consider insuring material for a minimum of $100 per item when shipping it back to the Library.  

Book Drops: You can also return books at one of two drive-up book drops located on the south side of the Wells Library. The book drops are just north of the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center and Theatre and Drama Center in a turnaround located on Seventh Street.

Rush Cataloging & Catalog Correction Requests

Rush Cataloging

Request that a new book, video or other material be prepared for your use.  You may submit a request for any title marked in IUCAT as "on order," "in process," or "being cataloged."  You will need your 14 digit library barcode number to place a request.  Please note that materials described as "on order" have not yet been received by the library.

Rush Cataloging Request

Use the special form to request rush cataloging and processing for IU dissertations found in Dissertation Abstracts, but not yet listed in IUCAT.

Dissertation Rush Cataloging Request

Catalog Correction Requests

Did you find an error in IUCAT? Please let us know.

Use the form linked below to report the following types of cataloging problems:

  • typographical errors in bibliographic records
  • incorrect headings (authors, subjects, series, uniform titles)
  • split files (two or more different forms for the same author, series, etc.)
  • location problems
  • incorrect authority records

Your efforts in identifying and reporting needed corrections help maintain the quality and integrity of IUCAT.

Catalog Correction Request Form

Wells Library Faculty Studies

The Herman B Wells Library has a limited number of faculty study rooms in the East Tower for full-time, appointed faculty of Indiana University - Bloomington.

Wells Library Faculty Study Guidelines & Instructions for Faculty Study Holders

Apply for a Faculty Study

Contact Info

Wells Library E164
1320 East Tenth Street
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-4673
(812) 855-6077 (Fax)
Randy Lent - Head, Access Services
(812) 855-8249

Ask A Librarian