Request Article Delivery

Request Article Delivery is a program provided by the IUB Libraries that supplies digital copies of journal articles from printed and microform materials, held on the Bloomington campus, for IUB faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students. 

Submit a Request Article Delivery Request

Fee:  This service is free of charge.  Each patron is limited to a maximum of 25 requests per month through this service.

Article Pick Up:  You will receive an email notification when your article is available for download.  You may access the article(s) by logging into the DDS requesting service. Login using your IU network ID and password and choose Pick Up My Article. Articles are usually delivered within five business days.

Important!! If you are using a public workstation, please remember to exit the web browser upon completion of this Request Article Delivery Services session in order to clear your Network ID from the public computer workstation's memory.  Failure to close the web browser application completely could result in unauthorized access to your library account or unauthorized use of library services in your name.

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