Office Delivery for Faculty and Graduate Students

How to Have Library Books Delivered to Your Office:

The IUB Libraries are pleased to offer a service for IU Bloomington faculty where we deliver books to campus mail addresses. If you are interested in having books delivered to you, please follow the following steps:

  • Contact the Access Services Department of the Wells Library at or 812-855-4673 and tell them that you want to set up an account for office campus mail delivery. This service is available only to faculty and graduate students at this time. As we are using campus mail to deliver these items, you must have the ability to receive packages via campus mail in a secure office or mailbox in order to qualify for this service.
  • Request items you would like delivered to your office via IUCAT by clicking the "Request This" button on the detailed record screen. (For general instructions on requesting items from IUCAT, see the KB article, "At IU, how can I get materials from another library using IUCAT?")
    Special notes for Office delivery requests:
    When requesting, select "Office Delivery - [Your Name]" from the "Select Account for Request" drop down.
    You will be prompted to select a library to which you want the item delivered. (Yes, this is a little confusing. The fact that you are logged in as your office is what triggers the item to be delivered). While it does not really matter which library you choose for this to work, we recommend you select the Herman B Wells Library.
  • When the item is received at Wells, it will be mailed to your campus mail address.

Renew Office Delivery Books:  The list of items checked out to you includes those delivered to your office via campus mail separately as part of your office delivery account.  Log in to My Account and scroll down to view them.   If you are using IUCAT Classic, log in as your Office Delivery account to renew them.

Renew Your Office Account Annually: Accounts are set up for one year and must be renewed annually.  Send an email to  Include your IU username and the original office barcode number sent to you via email, if you still have it.

Please note that we are using campus mail to deliver these items. If you need a book quickly, we suggest you log in on your personal account and choose a library where you will be able to pick up the book.

YOU MUST COMPLETE THE REQUEST PROCESS FOR EACH BOOK YOU WANT. It will not work to mark multiple books and then complete the Request Delivery step for one of the books on the list.

Items NOT eligible for Request Delivery include:  electronic books, books checked out to another user for which there is no other copy in the IU system, materials on reserve, in the Lilly or Kinsey Libraries, in the Core Collection at the Wells Library, the Residential Programs & Services Libraries in the residence halls, or in the Reference collection, and most journal bound volumes.  Most DVD's may not be requested due to their short loan lengths.  Request DVD's via interlibrary loan.

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