Many IU Libraries have microfilm, microfiche, and other microform holdings.

The Education Library holds a large collection of microfiche for the ERIC Document Collection. The microfiche are located in the center of the library and are filed in numerical order. Copies can be printed using the microfiche reader/printer in the Education Library.

The largest collection of microformats is found in the Government Information, Maps, and Microform Services (GIMMS) Department, located on the second floor of the Research Collections in the Herman B Wells Library. This department's equipment includes a Canon 350 and Minolta 6000 MKII which allow reading, printing and scanning of microfilm and microfiche. The department also has some dated Canon 500's which are back-up during heavy use periods. The ST200 equipment allow reading, printing and scanning of microprint (opaque) formats.

GIMMS Microforms Services & Costs
Library users can scan their own documents for free. IU Students, faculty, and staff may make requests through Document Delivery Services for free scans of articles and short, out-of-copyright books. Library staff will scan documents for a small fee.

Images can be saved to a CD, a thumb/flash drive, or an Oncourse or Box account. Images can be scanned in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats. Scanned images can be sent to any public printer and printed using a personal IU printing allotment or a faculty, research or departmental account. Personal checks are also accepted, but please note GIMSS does not accept cash and cannot give change.

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