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Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library Policies










Borrower Eligibility

All scholars and researchers are welcome to use the resources of the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library. Faculty, staff, students, those officially affiliated with Indiana University, as well as residents of the State of Indiana may check out library material for home or office use. Most library materials circulate; notable exceptions include headphones, some Reserve items, and current periodicals. An IU I.D. or IU Library Borrowers Card must be presented at the circulation desk to check out material. Proof of affiliation with Indiana University in the form of an IU photo ID, or, another type of official photo ID and proof of Indiana residency (an Indiana driver's license) is required for activation of a library borrower’s account.  A borrower is financially responsible for all material checked out on their Library Borrowers Card or IU I.D.  The NMBCC Library provides circulation services 48 weeks per year; renewals of many materials may be done online 24/7/365 for IU faculty, students, and staff. Borrowers must abide by Library Circulation Policy even when they are away from campus for vacation, research, sabbatical, etc.  In these situations borrowers must either return library materials before leaving campus or make arrangements for a responsible party to attend to their library business.


Borrowing NMBCC Library Materials

Loan Periods - General Collections

Faculty: 120 Days

Graduate Students: 120 Days

Undergrads: 45 Days

Staff: 120 Days

Indiana Residents: 30 Days


Loan Periods - Special Collections 

New Books: 14 Days, One Renewal

Browsing Collection: 14 Days, Two Renewals

Theatre & Drama Script Library: 14 Days, unlimited renewals 


Renewing Materials

Most material can be renewed unless needed by another borrower. Renewals may be made: 

Through IUCAT - My Account

In person

By federal or campus mail

By phone (812-855-3237)

By e-mail (

For renewal, the borrower must provide his/her library user number, which is the 14-digit barcode number on the front of his/her IU I.D. or IU Library Borrower’s Card; or his/her Student I.D. number or IU Employee I.D. number. Library users should indicate that s/he wants all eligible material renewed, or, should list the titles of the selected materials s/he wishes to renew.



Reference and Periodicals
  • For renewal, the borrower must provide his/her library user number, which is the 14-digit barcode number on the front of his/her IU I.D. or IU Library Borrower’s Card; or his/her Student I.D. number or IU Employee I.D. number. Library users should indicate that s/he wants all eligible material renewed, or, should list the titles of the selected materials s/he wishes to renew.

    Reference circulates for 14 days, no renewals

    Current Periodicals do not circulate

    Reference: items can be borrowed for 14 days, there are no renewals allowed.  Faculty members and graduate students may be allowed to renew by obtaining permission from the Branch Library Coordinator or Librarian.

    Periodicals: Library users may scan or photocopy articles from Periodicals, there are two flatbed scanners and one photocopier in the NMBCC Library. Bound Periodicals are now housed in the ALF (Auxiliary Library Facility) and may be requested via the ALF Request Form on IUCAT.


Returning Materials

Materials may be returned at any IU Library for immediate discharge.  Materials should be returned on or before the due date to avoid overdue fines.  To return NMBCC Library material after hours, return it to any IU Library or to one of the conveniently located Library drop boxes.  The closest drop box is located on 7th Street directly north of the Theatre/Neal-Marshall Black Culture. There are drop boxes located in several campus buildings, including Fine Arts and the School of Education.  If you are within the state of Indiana you may return IU Library materials to any IU Library in the entire State.

Most materials may be shipped back to the Library via Campus or Federal mail (postmark date is considered return date) at the following address:

Book Return

Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Library

275 N. Jordan Ave., A113

Bloomington, Indiana 47405

Borrowers are responsible for material until the Library receives it, and for that reason might consider insuring material for a minimum of $100 per item when shipping it back to the Library.

Overdue and Bills for Unreturned Material

Borrowers are responsible for renewing or returning material on or before its due date. Materials that have reached their renewal limit must be returned on or before their due date. There are no "grace periods" for overdue materials. On normal loans the borrower is billed for non-return when the item becomes 50 days overdue.

Overdue fines and Non-Return charges are as follows:




Overdue fine – General Collections Book


Maximum overdue fine - Book




Billing fee


Database fee





In most cases bills are adjusted down to the billing fee and overdue fine ($17.50) when billed material is returned. Billing intervals and rates vary for recalls and special loans.  Bills and fines amounts are transferred to the Bursar's Office for collection.  Borrowers with excessive overdue material, large outstanding bill/fine balances, or who show contempt for Library policies may be blocked from further use of the Libraries or may face legal action.

Recall Fines

All material is subject to recall if needed by another borrower. Recalled material that is not returned by the recall due date is subject to a $25 fine. When an item is recalled, a recall notice is sent to the borrower indicating the new "recall" due date. Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy, failing to receive an overdue notice does not absolve a borrower from responsibility should they receive a bill or fine. Library users are responsible for maintaining accurate address information with the University and its agents (i.e.; the Libraries). For normal loans an overdue notice is sent seven days past the due date and again 30 days past the due date. Overdue intervals vary for recalls, and other special loans.





Reserve materials may be checked out by all IU-affiliated library users; and many can be checked out by Indiana Resident borrowers as well. Reserves fall into three major categories: Class Reserves, Permanent Reserves, and Theatre & Drama Script Library reference and textbooks. Some class reserves may be designated as closed reserves which means only the students in a particular class may check out and/or use the reserve items.


Reserve Loan Periods 

Permanent Reserves:  3-Days

Exceptions include, specifically, VHS tapes of IU Soul Revue and African American Choral Ensemble performances and personal copies of books and videos, and other audio or multimedia items which are restricted to library use only.

2-Hour reserves: Library-Use-Only

4-Hour Permanent Reserves: Library-Use-Only

4-Hour Class Reserves: leave the library at the instructor’s discretion

IU Department of Theatre & Drama Script Library reference, Scenes and Monologues binder, monologues, one-act plays, and textbooks are restricted to library use only.


Renewing Reserves 

Reserve materials cannot be renewed via IUCAT—My Account; renewals are not allowed on some reserves.

Reserves and renewal policy for each:

3-Day reserves, one renewal only

2-Hour and 4-Hour reserves, no renewals allowed

More than 3-Day.s, multiple renewals


There are two options for renewing reserves:

By phone during NMBCC Library hours, (812) 855-3237, or,

In person with IU I.D. or materials in hand




Food and Drink 

No eating is allowed in the NMBCC Library, covered drinks are permitted. Eating includes all foods, even candy. All drinks must be in a covered container; library staff may ask you to take uncovered drinks outside the library. There is a trash can just inside the entrance of the library for your convenience.


Cell Phones 

Cell phone use is discouraged in the NMBCC library. However, there are occasional circumstances, such as calling the Registrar, in which library users may place calls inside the library.

Please be considerate of others:

  • Set your cell phone ringer to vibrate
  • Leave the library to take or make calls, unless you need to have a computer in front of you while contacting a university office


Room Reservations 

The NMBCC Library has three rooms available for use by IU students, staff and faculty. The rooms are: a small group study room, a larger room with tables and chairs; and a moderately sized Exhibit Room are available to reserve during library hours. All three rooms offer wireless capabilities; the entire NMBCC Library is wireless as well. To reserve one of these rooms for your office hours, class meetings, or lectures/discussions contact Marianna Brough, Branch Coordinator; 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday; by phone at 855-3237; or email


Group Study Room

The NMBCC Library Group Study Room is 105 sq. ft. It contains a small, oval shaped table with three chairs; a computer without printer setup and an office chair; and, a VCR/DVD/TV combo and CD player.


Collaborative Learning Center

The NMBCC Library Collaborative Learning Center is currently available to schedule for large group study sessions; or, more informally, the room can be used by individuals whenever there is no group session scheduled. The room is equipped with various sizes of moveable tables and office-style chairs to accommodate a wide variety of group meetings. The space also allows students to spread out to complete assignments. There is an effort underway to purchase presentation and projection equipment, as well as new computers for the room.


Exhibit Room

The NMBCC Library Exhibit Room is 225 sq. ft., with a picture hanging rail running about 12 inches below the ceiling, along the top of the walls. There are three windows, which face out toward the stacks, with UV protective coating. When scheduling, include requests for chairs and/or tables, and/or the TV/VCR/CD player so NMBCC staff can coordinate in advance with the Facilities Coordinator.


last updated: 8/12/2013