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Music Databases (Music Library)

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  • Online Catalogs - Indiana University Libraries' Catalog and other selected catalogs

    IUCAT about
    CRL (Center for Research Libraries) Catalog about
    OCLC's WorldCat about
    British Library Catalogues (BLC) about
    COPAC (UK and Ireland) about
    The European Library (previously Gabriel) about
    Monroe County Public Library Catalog about
    RLG Cultural Materials (Now included in WorldCat)

    (Primary source materials in digital form from the collections of RLG member institutions)


    Indexes to Journals and Periodicals

    Music Index Online about Music Titles covered
    RILM Abstracts about Music Titles covered
    International Index to Music Periodicals about Music Titles covered
    International Index to the Performing Arts about Journal Titles covered
    RIPM: Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (1800-1950) about

    Ingenta (UnCover) about

    Periodicals Index Online (PIO) about Music Titles covered
    Arts and Humanities Citation Index about Titles covered
    ERIC (EBSCO) about

    IBZ -- Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur about
    MLA International Bibliography about

    Without Subscription:

    CAIRSS for Music
    Institute for Music Research
    Music Titles covered
    Canadian Music Periodical Index Music Titles covered
    Music Education Resource Base/Canadian Music Index
    Music Titles covered

    Online Directories and Encyclopedias

    Associations Unlimited (Encyclopedia)
    Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
    (The business source for the performing arts)
    Oxford Music Online

    Online Biographical Sources

    The Gaylord Music Library Necrology file (WWW)


    IU Digital Library Program

    Multidisciplinary Sources

    Arts, Humanities, & Multidisciplinary/General Databases
    Online Catalogs, Digital Resources, Images, Reference Shelf


    Books in Print about
    OCLC's WorldCat about
    RILM Abstracts about


    Dissertations and Theses about
    Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology-Online about
    Index to Theses (Great Britain 1970-) about
    RILM Abstracts about
    OCLC's WorldCat about


    OCLC's WorldCat about
    Index to Printed Music: Collections & Series (IPM)
    (Index Database, Bibliography Database, Names Database)
    RISM Online (International Inventory of Music Sources)
    (Music manuscripts, Libretti, Library addresses, and Thematic Catalogs)
    music-in-print series online (emusicquest) about
    Early English Books Online (EEBO)
    (Music from 16th- and 17th-century English composers are included in this database and available as PDFs files)

    Sound Recordings

    OCLC's WorldCat about

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