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last updated: 10/3/2012

Procedures for transfer of University records (University Archives)

Procedures for transfer of University records
  • The disposition of University records should be managed according to a records disposition schedule, which would indicate how long specific record series should be retained. If your records have not been scheduled, please contact Philip Bantin, University Archivist at 855-5897, or e-mail him at Please do not destroy records that have not been scheduled.
  • Please do not send records to the University Archives without first consulting with the Archives staff.
  • The Archives prefers annual transfers of these records. To set up a transfer schedule, contact an archivist for assistance.
  • When you are ready to transfer records, notify the Archives staff at 855-1127, or contact the staff via e-mail at  
  • If you are transferring a large volume of records, the Archives staff will first examine the records onsite.
  • If you detect the presence of mold, mildew, insects, etc., in your records, please contact the Archives staff immediately, and a staff member will examine the records onsite.

Packing and labeling of the boxes
  • Files should be transferred in archival record center boxes. These boxes can be obtained by contacting the University Archives.
  • Records should be packed in the order in which they were kept in the office.
  • Records should be in file folders that are labeled with a folder title and inclusive dates.
  • Hanging file folders should be replaced with regular file folders.
  • Each box should be labeled in pencil with only the box number. Please do not write the name of your department on the boxes.
  • A complete box and folder inventory for the accession should be created in Microsoft Word or in plain text and emailed to the Archives.

last updated: 10/3/2012