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Endowments are an especially effective way for IU Libraries to meet current needs and prepare for the future. Funds are invested for both income and long-term growth. Only a specific portion of the annual income is spent; the rest goes back into the fund to keep it growing. Donors may contribute to any of the established funds, or create new ones to support specific interests.

IU Libraries has endowments producing $1.2 million in estimated income each year
If you are interested in establishing an endowment, contributing to an existing endowment, or would like further information, please call the IU Libraries Advancement Office at (812) 855-1628.

Library Annual Giving Fund
In conjunction with the IU Telefund and Annual Giving initiatives, this annual fund draws general contributions for IU Libraries and may be used at the discretion of the Dean of University Libraries for Libraries' expenses.
Donor: multiple donors

#1 Library Fund

This crucial endowment affords funds for the unrestricted betterment of IU Libraries.
Donor: multiple donors

Adomeit Endowment for Children's Books

A lifelong collector of children's books, Ruth Adomeit created this endowment in conjunction with the gift of her collection to the Lilly Library. Income from the endowment may be used to purchase children's books and games, as well as ephemera for the collection.
Donor: Ruth Adomeit

Adomeit Endowment for Miniature books
Although an avid book collector in several areas, Ruth Adomeit is best known for her scholarship and collecting of miniature books. Most noted for her bibliography Three Centuries of Thumb Bibles: a Checklist, Ruth Adomeit created this endowment to preserve and expand the Ruth E. Adomeit Collection of Miniature Books at the Lilly Library. It also makes provisions for funding scholarly research on miniature books.
Donor: Ruth Adomeit

Arpad Frederic Banda Hungarian Library Fund

This endowment allocates funds for the preservation and maintenance of the Hungarian Collection of the Indiana University-Bloomington Library system.
Donor: Arpad Banda

  Artists' Book Endowment
This endowment was created to support the IU Libraries' artists' books collection, which is one of the largest and finest in the nation. The endowment provides income for the acquisition of new materials, as well as for their maintenance and preservation.
Donor: multiple donors

Class of 1948 Library Endowment for the Herman B Wells Endowed Professorship
This fund was created to strengthen the campus library collection available to the students of the Class of 1948 Library Endowment for the Herman B Wells Endowed Professorship. Income from this fund may be used at the discretion of the current Herman B Wells Endowed Professor for materials related to the discipline in which he or she is engaged.
Donor: the undergraduate class of 1948

Class of 1967 Robert H. Shaffer Book Endowment

This fund was created to strengthen the campus library collection available to the students of the Class of 1967 Robert H. Shaffer Endowed Professorship. Income from this fund may be used at the discretion of the current Robert H. Shaffer Endowed Professor for materials related to the discipline in which he or she is engaged.
Donor: the undergraduate class of 1967

Collection Excellence Fund

A key source of income, this fund provides additional funding for the acquisition of new books, journals, and other materials for the IU Libraries' nationally recognized collections. This fund provides indispensable revenue for the Indiana University, Bloomington campus libraries.
Donor: multiple donors

E. Lingle Craig Library Fund

E. Lingle Craig, a beloved IU librarian who began his career in librarianship at IU in 1926 and served the Libraries for more than fifty years, created this fund in the 1980s for the acquisition of books and other printed materials for the Herman B Wells Library collection.
Donor: E. Lingle Craig

Bert Elwert Library Endowment Fund

Mr. Bert Elwert, a beloved professor at the Kelley School of Business, generously created this endowment fund as an annual unrestricted gift to IU's Herman B Wells Library. Income from this fund is primarily used to add to the Business Library collection.
Donor: Bert Elwert

Friends of Lilly Library Endowment

This endowment, supported by the Friends of the Lilly Library, allocates funding for acquisitions and other activities of the Lilly Library.
Donor: multiple donors

Government Information Endowment
Providing valuable information and services to the IU community and beyond, the Government Information, Maps and Microform Services Department supports the ideal of free and democratic access to government documents. This endowment fund specifically supports the general operating costs of the IU Libraries' Government Information, Maps and Microform Services Department.
Donor: anonymous

Everett Helm Visiting Fellowship

This endowment, created by Everett Helm, provides funding to offset travel costs and living expenses in order to provide access to the Lilly Library for scholars who reside outside the Bloomington area.
Donor: Everett Helm

Frank L. Jones Fund

This fund was created to promote essay contests pertaining to the life, history, and work of President Abraham Lincoln, and for the purchase of additional items of Lincolniana by the Lilly Library.
Donor: Frank L. Jones

Bob Knight Library Fund

Named for IU's famous basketball coach and championed by Coach Bob Knight in the 1980s and early 90s, this fund provides annual income that supports the Libraries in all of its activities. An exceptionally successful campaign, throughout its lifetime this fund has nearly tripled in size.
Donor: multiple donors

Barr Koon Voltaire Endowment

This endowment was created by Mrs. Barr Koon to support the preservation and growth of the Voltaire collection maintained at the Lilly Library, and, as a secondary consideration, to provide general funding for IU Libraries.
Donor: Mary M. H. Barr Koon

Lilly Library Acquisitions Fund Endowment

One of the most crucial sources of funding for IU's internationally renowned Rare Books Library, this endowment provides funding to underwrite costs associated with the acquisition of books and manuscripts for the Lilly Library, as well as to provide funds for unusual acquisition opportunities.
Donor: Lilly Endowment, Inc.

  Lilly Library Preservation Endowment
Crucial to the mission of the Lilly Library, this endowment was created to support the preservation and conservation of its collections. Funds from this endowment are designated for the general conservation and preservation of collection materials, and include such measures as the stabilization, repair, restoration, reformatting, and re-housing of Lilly Library materials.
Donor: multiple donors


Lilly Library - Howard

Created by the Howard Ship Yards and Dock Company, this endowment was created to support the cataloging of the Howard Ship Yards and Dock Company papers.
Donor: Howard Ship Yards and Dock Company

Lilly Library Travel

This fund was created to support travel costs by Lilly Library librarians and staff in cases in which funds are not otherwise readily available.
Donor: multiple donors

Ruth Lilly University Dean of University Libraries

Created by Ruth Lilly, daughter of Josiah K. Lilly, whose collection and support helped to establish the Lilly Library, this generous gift was made to endow the position of Dean of University Libraries.
Donor: Ruth Lilly

Ruth Lilly Fund for Lilly Library

This fund was primarily established to underwrite the costs of the catalog of the J. K. Lilly, Jr. 100th anniversary exhibition, although remaining funds may be used for the benefit of the Lilly Library without restriction.
Donor: Ruth Lilly

  Andrew W. Mellon Preservation Lab Endowment
This endowment was established in 2001 to receive funds specifically designated for the purchase of equipment for the Auxiliary Library Preservation Laboratory (ALF).
Donor: multiple donors

Bernardo Mendel Endowment

A longtime friend and benefactor of the Lilly Library, this endowment was created by Johanna Lenz Mendel in honor of her husband Dr. Bernardo Mendel, who donated his notable collection of books to the Lilly Library in 1961. The Mendel Collection consists of texts relating to the exploration of the Americas, the Spanish conquest, geography, cartography, and early music. Dr. Mendel's gift also included the Starr Sheet Music Collection, which alone contains more than 100,000 items. The Bernardo Mendel Endowment provides income for the preservation and continued acquisition of items for the Mendel Collection.
Donor: Johanna Mendel

Mendel Visiting Fellow and Acquisitions Fund

Johanna Mendel created this fund to aid visiting scholars wishing to work on projects related to the Mendel collections housed in the Lilly Library. This research fellowship provides funds to defray travel costs for visiting scholars from around the world.
Donor: Estate of Johanna Mendel

McCullough Film Endowment

Created by Bloomington entrepreneurs Jerry and Phyllis McCullough, this endowment supports the care of a collection of 7,000 circulating videos in the Kent Cooper Media Library, which was originally donated from Classical Film and Video.
Donor: Jerry and Phyllis McCullough

Ruth Crawford Mitchell Endowment
Created by Ruth Crawford Mitchell, whose papers are now housed at the Lilly Library, this fund serves to support the acquisition of books, manuscripts and other materials for the Masaryk Collection of the Library and to conduct and to promote programs for the exchange of scholars, students and materials between institutions of higher learning in the United States and Czechoslovakia.
Donor: Ruth Crawford Mitchell

Helen Welch Painter Children's Collection Fund

This endowment fund was created by Helen Welch Painter to support the Children's Collection of IU Libraries. Specifically, the fund is designed to defray the costs of the cataloging and general maintenance of the collection, as well as to provide funds for additional acquisitions.
Donor: Helen Welch Painter

Philippine Heritage Collection Fund

Initiated by the Barangay Club of Indiana, this fund was created to support and maintain a collection of Philippine Heritage materials in IU-Bloomington Libraries. Although books and other print materials constitute the main focus of this acquisition strategy, the fund also makes provisions for acquiring "films, music and any other type of materials relating to Philippine Heritage."
Donor: multiple donors

P. K. & R. M. Stickell Memorial Fund

This generous endowed fund was created to support the growth of the collections of IU-Bloomington Libraries.
Donor: Lawrence Stickell

Undergraduate Library Collection Fund
This fund was created to provide additional financial support to the undergraduate library for further collection acquisitions, new equipment, furnishings, materials and supplies.
Donor: multiple donors

University Archives

This endowment was created to provide for the general operating costs of the University Archives, and to support it in its mission to preserve the history and heritage of Indiana University.
Donor: multiple donors


Herman B Wells Library Endowment Fund
Established to honor Herman B Wells, IU's beloved chancellor who died in 2000, this is a general endowment intended to sustain the Libraries in all its functions, from purchasing new materials to adding new technologies. It is one of the most cherished endowments of IU Libraries.
Donor: multiple donors


  Herbert & Virginia White Professional Development Award
This endowment creates funds for an annual award supporting "the process of individually motivated continuing education and professional growth" of an Indiana University librarian.
Donor: Herbert and Virginia White

Wendell Willkie Library Endowment

This endowment was created "for the purpose of continuing and augmenting the collection of letters, papers, and memorabilia of Wendell L. Willkie, and to support the Lilly Library publications program."
Donor: The Willkie family

Wylie House Endowment

The Wylie House endowment was created to support the general operating and maintenance costs of the Wylie House Museum, the early nineteenth century home of IU's first president, Andrew Wylie, and his family. The endowment supports the Wylie House's role as a tangible reminder of Indiana's rich agrarian heritage.
Donor: multiple donors


  Margaret Ritchie Wylie Interpretive Endowment
Named for Margaret Ritchie Wylie, wife of IU's first president, this endowment fund supports a position to interpret the gardens and outdoors to Wylie House visitors.
Donor: Betty Yoder and other donors

last updated: 3/9/2012