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last updated: 12/15/2011

Recent Grant Awards

NHPRC - Preservation Grant - Birch Bayh

Thanks to a $60,000 matching grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, Indiana University Libraries will be able to complete the processing of collected senatorial papers given to IU by former U.S. Sen. Birch Bayh (1963-1981). The grant will support the preservation, arrangement and description of the approximately two million documents. It will also support preparation of a detailed online guide to the contents of the collection and digitization of audio cassettes of hearings of the Judiciary Committee's Juvenile Delinquency Subcommittee from the early 1970s, pre-dating both C-SPAN and PBS coverage.


IMLS Variations Planning Grant

Project Title: "Variations on Video IMLS Collaborative Planning Grant"

The Indiana University Libraries and its partner, Northwestern University, will work with New York University, the University of Miami, Ohio State University, the non-profit organization DuraSpace, and other participants to define the scope, requirements, and technical architecture to extend Indiana University's open source Variations digital music library system. This expansion will allow the system to support management and delivery of digital video collections. This project builds on the past success of Variations, currently used by multiple college and university libraries, and on Indiana University's and Northwestern University's extensive history in providing access to digitized audio and video collections.



Title:  VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists Indiana University has received more than $1.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to collaborate on a $12.2 million, seven-university project designed to network researchers around the country.


While the proposed new networking system will contain authentication mechanisms to protect sensitive data and intellectual property, it is being described as a Facebook for scientists. IU's portion of the project is led by Katy Börner, Victor H. Yngve Professor of Information Science and director of the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at IU. Co-investigators with Börner at IU are Ying Ding, an assistant professor of Information Science, and Robert McDonald, associate dean for library technologies at IU and associate director for the Data to Insight Center at the Pervasive Technology Institute



* University of Florida

* Cornell University

* Indiana University

* Weill Cornell Medical College

* Washington University in St. Louis

* Scripps Research Institute

* Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico


Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment)

A $2.38 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to Indiana University will be used to develop software created specifically for the management of print and electronic collections for academic and research libraries around the world.


IU will lead the Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment) project, a partnership of research libraries dedicated to managing increasingly digital resources and collections. Together, these libraries will develop "community source" software that will be made available to libraries worldwide.Kuali OLE (pronounced Oh-LAY) partners include Indiana University; Florida Consortium (University of Florida representing Florida International University, Florida State University, New College of Florida, Rollins College, University of Central Florida, University of Miami, University of South Florida and the Florida Center for Library Automation); Lehigh University; Triangle Research Libraries Network (represented by Duke University and North Carolina State University); University of Chicago; University of Maryland; University of Michigan; and the University of Pennsylvania.


Large academic research libraries such as these manage and provide access to millions of items, using software to track interrelated transactions that range from ordering and paying for items to loaning materials to library patrons.



Indiana University is proud to embark on a new project entitled "Variations as a Testbed for the FRBR Conceptual Model," funded through an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant for $481,987. This effort will build on Indiana University's expertise in digital music libraries and the well-known Variations digital music library system, and provide a concrete testbed for the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) conceptual model. Our project is focused on testing FRBR in a real-world environment, and on providing data, code, and system design specifications that can be re-used by others interested in FRBR. The project runs August 2008-July 2011.


Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance (MESA)

Indiana University and a partner have received $29,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to explore the possibility of establishing a federation of electronic medieval studies projects to make electronic resources interoperable and allow searching across multiple archives simultaneously. The Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance (MESA) will work over the next year to begin the organization of a federation of digital projects in the field of medieval studies and to develop a report that will have a set of recommendations for the social and technical infrastructure to support this federation of digital medieval organizations.


Bamboo Technology Project

The Bamboo Technology Project is the first phase in the build components for the Project Bamboo Consortium.  A consortium of ten universities, led by the University of California, Berkley, will carry out an 18-month (October 2010 - April 2012) technology project to develop and design applications and shared infrastructure for humanities scholars and projects. The project received $1.2 million dollars from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and will provide an equal amount of institutional cost-share. This project builds on the major planning effort carried out by Project Bamboo with the generous support of the Mellon Foundation. Indiana University is involved in the Bamboo Technology Project in multiple fronts. The IU Libraries and IDAH will partner on this proposal to work in the major work areas of Bamboo Workspaces and Bamboo Collection Interoperability.



* University of California, Berkeley

* Australian National University

* Indiana University

* Northwestern University

* Tufts University

* University of Chicago

* University of Illinois

* University of Maryland

* University of Oxford

* University of Wisconsin


last updated: 12/15/2011