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Welcome to the Sound And Video Analysis & Instruction Laboratory (SAVAIL). Established in 1995 by the Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology at Indiana University with funds from the Office of Information Technologies and RUGS, since Fall 2010 SAVAIL is managed through the Indiana University Libraries.


SAVAIL is a multidisciplinary technical lab that enables folklorists, ethnomusicologists, anthropologists and musicologists to analyze sound and movement as well as produce documentary materials for the presentation of research and the creation of examples for classroom use. SAVAIL is a facility where scholars apply computer aided analysis to larger questions of aesthetics, social process and individual virtuosity. The facility has enabled scholars to document, analyze, and disseminate research of a culturally diverse nature using technologies for analyzing and producing audio, video, and still imagery.


SAVAIL lab users are responsible for producing their own work. SAVAIL is a "do-it-yourself" lab, not a drop-off production unit. If you require assistance with production beyond instruction, please contact the lab manager at


The laboratory consists of 6 computer workstations, each with special capabilities. Individuals interested in working at SAVAIL should call 856-4752 or email

SAVAIL is located in E551 Wells Library, on the fifth floor of the East Tower in the Wells Library.



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last updated: 10/16/2013